dankpelt said what

Reading this means you're at least smart enough to go down to Kentucky, show them fire, and be their god.


Irritating the irritated

Is quite a bit of fun. Observe:

eiboh19 (4:50:34 PM): IT r eally makes me mad when reps don't read the notes.
sketchball76 (4:50:58 PM): People that dress their dogs like people make me mad
eiboh19 (4:51:05 PM): A customer called in and specifically asked for me like they were supposed to and Aubree would not xfer them because they were not auth.
sketchball76 (4:51:33 PM): Tell me about it, I saw a Pug with a raincoat and one of those little yellow hats on the other day
eiboh19 (4:51:46 PM): I hate your con
eiboh19 (4:51:48 PM): ICON
eiboh19 (4:51:57 PM): I don't want to talk to you until yo uchange it.
sketchball76 (4:52:04 PM): I hate when people dress their dogs like people
eiboh19 signed off at 4:52:16 PM.


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