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New Wave Blog

Just a quick bit about some new additions to my sidebar - the thing over there on the right that has more words and stuff in it. I added a new links menu, please take a moment to visit the sites contained within, if only to let me know that the javascript dealie works right for you all (3 of you). Pay particular attention to Matt's site, because he's been on a billboard, and what have you done? I also added a really shitty free guestbook (it may be shitty, but hey - it's free), and an Online Status Indicator for AIM, which should help somebody out there stalk me better. You know who you are. A robotic webcam that roots through my garbage and watches me sleep is in the works for you as well, so stay tuned!

Below are visual representations of what I've added. The real versions are about 3 inches to the right (if you're using a man's resolution) and are pretty self-explanitory... though if you do have troubles, click the photos below for a brief tutorial:

The real one's on the right there
The real one's on the right there


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