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"What Came First," or "A Rebuttal to The Man"

So, I was hanging out with Matt and his roommate Matt the other day when Matt let us know that not only had he solved the age-old question of "What came first, the chicken or the egg?", but he had published it to his blog for all to see. Some interesting conversation ensued, and by the end, I was convinced that:

    1. I had the answer.

    2. Matt didn't.

    3. The other Matt agreed with me.

    4. Two people that live together and have the same name is a funny thing to me.

    5. Lemurs are still pretty rad.

What I decided was that the egg came first. It's just that simple. The main point raised on wtf_man is:
"All birds incubate their eggs by supplying heat from their bodies, and give the young devoted care. That heat may be considerable, since the normal temperature of a bird varies from 100 to 112 Fahrenheit according to the species. Once incubation begins the bird seldom leaves the nest, and then not long, because the eggs will not hatch if they get too cold."

So, no specific incubation temperature, no hatchin, blah blah blah. I say that the damned egg came first, and it came through a series of evolutionary changes an ancient lizard-like creature underwent. Maybe one time, this lizard has a batch of eggs that hatch with a strange, hard material around their mouths - a beak. These beaked lizards procreate, and throughout their time on the planet, maybe a brood hatched that had feathers, or walked slightly more bipedally, or grew vestigial wings, or ... anything more chicken-ish. Until one day, as a final step in the evolution of the chicken (as we know it), what we know today as the chicken hatched out of some feathery, beaky lizard's egg. And that was the chicken. But it came out of an egg.

I'm not smart enough to delve into the genetics of the chicken, but I am smart enough to know that a chicken popping out of nowhere and just proceeding to strut, or peck, or whatever they do... is absurd.


  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger dank said…

    Which came first, the lizard or the egg?

    Posted by The Man to scattered pieces at 7/3/2004 08:37:08 PM



    Posted by dank to scattered pieces at 7/3/2004 08:46:25 PM

    sketchball76 (3:57:00 PM): Egg
    sketchball76 (3:57:03 PM): First
    MattACheck (4:20:39 PM): More plausible that a batch of lizards just...grew beaks?
    sketchball76 (4:20:50 PM): Yeah
    MattACheck (4:21:21 PM): Agreed.

    Posted by dank to scattered pieces at 7/4/2004 04:22:35 PM


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