dankpelt said what

Reading this means you're at least smart enough to go down to Kentucky, show them fire, and be their god.


I have a way with the ladies

sketchball76 (2:37:23 PM): I'm in 7th grade again!
jennd (2:37:41 PM): hehe
sketchball76 (2:37:55 PM): My voice is all cracking and shit
jennd (2:38:08 PM): that means your balls haven't dropped yet
sketchball76 (2:38:25 PM): When did yours?
jennd (2:38:51 PM): yesterday
jennd (2:38:56 PM): i was so excited
sketchball76 (2:38:56 PM): Congrats
jennd (2:38:58 PM): hehe
jennd (2:39:00 PM): thanks
sketchball76 (2:39:05 PM): Don't sit on em
sketchball76 (2:39:12 PM): It makes yer tummy hurt
jennd (2:39:15 PM): LOL


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