dankpelt said what

Reading this means you're at least smart enough to go down to Kentucky, show them fire, and be their god.


Yeah, I Suppose You're Right

eih119 (1:35:36 PM): did you hear what I said to ****?
sketchball76 (1:35:40 PM): Nope
eih119 (1:35:51 PM): She was like you all had better eat your food fast before I puke
eih119 (1:36:02 PM): I was like well better hold your nose then
sketchball76 (1:36:23 PM): Man, you really zinged her good!
eih119 (1:36:32 PM): shut up
eih119 (1:36:42 PM): just because I am not as clever as you.


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