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First Annual Nonsense Photo Dump

Some people like pictures, some people like words. Some people like both. Some other people like videos that feature chicks in bathtubs vomiting on each other. If I were to categorize myself as any of these, all I know for certain is I like words (most of the time), and I like pictures. Unless they're pictures of chicks in bathtubs vomiting on each other, or pictures of birds. I think it's pretty common knowledge that birds are repulsive, only bested by some of the things that interest people in Japan. One thing about this site is the amount of pictures I grab from god knows where on the vast reaches of the internet, and only use a fraction of them. In an effort to clean house as well as assult your sense of sight with random images I have love for but no true application for, and in the spirit of the lovely union that picures and words can share, and in the spirit that I, um, already have words represented, (and in the spirit of the longest fucking run-on sentence ever) I present you with... pictures. (Some of which may or may not also contain words, sue me.)

Removed a few pictures - something was making my formatting all wacky, and I suspect it was one of these photos being too wide. So... you now get more words, less pictures. Sorry about that.

Lemurs - still pretty damn rad.
Sorry for making no sense tonight.


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