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Reading this means you're at least smart enough to go down to Kentucky, show them fire, and be their god.


Later That Day...

Quick background on what I do (my job, not what I do for leisure. You don't want to know what that is) - I send orders to connect people's (our wonderful customers!) telephone service. Land lines. Ma Bell is one sexy bitch. Often times, the people that sell said phone lines to said customers leave me gems of information - instructions, if you will, in the form of a note on the account. Equally often times, these notes make me want to swallow the oil from those things they make french fries in (I think the technical term is "fryer." Crazy, huh?) Think I'm exaggerating? Here's a deeeee-rect quote from a "note" I saw today:

CUST INFO THAT PEOPLE living in the home ARE disco the curent service in the home by nov 3rd /2004. in case it show up as WIW. . CUST WOULD SERVICE TO Activated by NOv 3 or 4 before the 5th security company will be install sercuity in the home ON 5th Nov 2004

Mmmm... molten hot oil in my tummy...


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