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The Post-Bar Post, Installment I

Well, well... after a fairly fine evening with friends at the bar, I have a couple things to report. Firstly, I'm not entirely sure if firstly is a real word. Secondly, I had about half a page written which I thought looked like a hackery at best... so I erased it, only to begin here. Which, as I'm sure you're starting to realize, is a hackery at best... but this is all I can give you. Deal with it. As I backspaced over the first abomination I was about to post, I had a fleeting moment where I thought to myself "I feel like Doogie Howser, " and then I did this weird snort-laugh. The cat, my only companion as of then, took this as his cue to leap off the chair and retreat to the roommate's bedroom, where he most likely waits - claws unsheathed - for me to even try to do that shit again. There's a pattern developing here, people. Think outside the hole. I know I've been trying to... this was originally set to be a post somehow both mentioning Tussin and being funny, to pay homage to the one who was having a bad day at work due to illness and the (for whatever reason to me) hilarious fact that they had imbibed Tussin prior to coming in. "I took Tussin," this anonymous Tussin-taker offered, a gravely serious look on their face, terrible tension totally taking its toll on tuba-tooting tarantulas. Terrifying. Tater tots take time to taste terrific.

Ok, sorry about that. It's all about the T's. That was what struck me as funny - the damn T's. Took Tussin. Additionally, I think the word Tussin is just plain funny-sounding. So, before I went batshit for a second there, I was saying that I wanted a humorous Tussin post. Guess what? No matter how hard you think about it, it's pretty fuckin difficult to come up with a "Tussin comedy gold mine." What I did find while looking for inspiration was THIS website, which chronicles time spent by people involved in the youth counterculture scene that sprang up in the early-to-mid nineties. It contains essays by some people that spent time at a particular "party house" in rural Virginia that was dubbed "Big Fun" by its varied occupants. It turned out to be fairly compelling reading, and not really of the funny sort. A couple pages of entries deal specifically with Tussin, and the hallucinogenic effects that it can have if consumed in large quantities. Who knew? I didn't - that's why I just said that. Before I start beating alliteration again with a garden rake for lack of anything else to say, I'll say this: check out the site. Very interesting reading from a psychological and sociological standpoint.

(More text forthcoming - placeholder image)

(I have more written, I was just too damned tired to finish it, I'll complete it tonight. Maybe.)


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