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The Quest For Syrup, Chapter I - The Genesis

In the spirit of continuity, I'm making good on my earlier post that had the "cryptic foreshadowing" about - yes - mucilage. Tasty syrup. This whole thing came about as a by-product of late-night AIMin with a good friend of mine from the lame part of Michigan, a little tiny bit of intoxication, and being in a weird mood in general due to my mental state (which, to put it kindly, at the time I felt like someone beat the shit out of my ego and took a crap on it to seal the deal) and I was compensating by trying to be a jackass. Which I often do. I apologize for the length of the chat transcript presented here, but it does lay the groundwork for a quest that I've been on since the weekend of Halloween. Yes - my life is dangerous. For those that dislike the AIM chat portions of my site, I have created a Mucilage FAQ (that's "frequently asked questions" for you few unruly bastiges that don't know their internet acronyms yet. I think it's pronounced "FACK," and to those who disagree with me, well... Fah-Cue.)

sketchball76 (1:33:34 AM)
: Mucilage
sketchball76 (1:33:50 AM): Always thought it looked like tasty syrup when I was a kid.
sketchball76 (1:33:56 AM): Think about THAT
sketchball76 (1:34:26 AM): In a handy little syrup-shaped bottle with a cool slitted rubber top!
crackerblaster (1:34:35 AM): gross - is that a lot of mucus?
sketchball76 (1:34:56 AM): No, it's that weird glue
sketchball76 (1:35:18 AM): Sold in the school supply section of your favorite retailer.
sketchball76 (1:36:29 AM): My mom would NEVER buy it for me
sketchball76 (1:36:30 AM): And this is why I kill hobos
crackerblaster (1:36:37 AM): Hang on, i had completely forgotten about this. What happened to this? The cap got bally, and we used in Sunday School - it was a Christian glue.
crackerblaster (1:36:57 AM): Hmmm, what? Hobos?
sketchball76 (1:37:08 AM): Hobos! Where???
crackerblaster (1:37:40 AM): Do they still make it?
sketchball76 (1:39:39 AM): A field trip to Meijer tomorrow holds the answers we seek.
crackerblaster (1:40:09 AM): Dan, no way is it at Meijer!
sketchball76 (1:40:14 AM): Wanna bet?
sketchball76 (1:40:32 AM): NOW this is getting interesting!
crackerblaster (1:41:03 AM): Yes. Hang on while I search for goddamned mucilage.
sketchball76 (1:42:06 AM): I think we should just bet on the availability at Meijer thing...
sketchball76 (1:42:14 AM): Cause that's more fun!
crackerblaster (1:44:23 AM): Starli says if you find some she wants some too.
sketchball76 (1:44:35 AM): Really.
crackerblaster (1:44:38 AM): http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Mucilage
sketchball76 (1:45:06 AM): Damn straight.
sketchball76 (1:45:44 AM): So, do you doubt its availability at Meijer or no?
sketchball76 (1:46:05 AM): Or do I have to think of a new game?
sketchball76 (1:46:24 AM): Why does cat's breath smell like cat food?
sketchball76 (1:47:03 AM): Pssst
sketchball76 (1:47:09 AM): Shannunnnnnnn
crackerblaster (1:48:06 AM): it wont be there, not in the original bottle
sketchball76 (1:48:18 AM): So
sketchball76 (1:48:21 AM): It's on
sketchball76 (1:48:34 AM): Bum bum bum bum baaaaaaaaaaaaa
crackerblaster (1:48:40 AM): Hang on!
sketchball76 (1:48:51 AM): And Super Hang-On!
crackerblaster (1:49:10 AM): http://www.currys.com/adhesives/prodinfo1.asp?SubcatID=3013&catID=23
sketchball76 (1:49:25 AM): http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=S&game_id=9901
sketchball76 (1:49:44 AM): That's how I remember the bottle
sketchball76 (1:49:53 AM): Mmm I could just drink the picture
crackerblaster (1:52:07 AM): I told Starli you ate the paste
crackerblaster (1:52:12 AM): in High School
sketchball76 (1:52:19 AM): Yes, AS AN EXPERIMENT
crackerblaster (1:52:24 AM): then copied and pasted about you wanting to drink the glue
crackerblaster (1:52:30 AM): it was perfect timing
sketchball76 (1:52:36 AM): Yes, yes
sketchball76 (1:53:06 AM): I have to sleep, but I leave you both with this:
sketchball76 (1:53:44 AM): The paste was an experiment. The Mucilage... well, that always looked like tasty syrup. Sue me.
crackerblaster (1:53:53 AM): nawwwww
sketchball76 (1:54:12 AM): But I never tasted it
crackerblaster (1:54:18 AM): You will
sketchball76 (1:54:21 AM): O yes
crackerblaster (1:54:33 AM): wheres the paste, wheres the mucilage?
sketchball76 (1:54:33 AM): For Science!
crackerblaster (1:54:48 AM): Starli said "poor Dan"
sketchball76 (1:55:02 AM): Awww
sketchball76 (1:55:08 AM): Send her to my blog -
sketchball76 (1:55:28 AM): Then she can say that and mean it!


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