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The Quest For Syrup, Chapter II - The Investigation

At a loss of where I could go to resolve this syrup - er, mucilage - situation, I turned to the most readily-available resource I had: my coworkers. I figured what with us all working in an office setting, SOMEbody must have the answer, the key, the ancient map marked clearly with an X that leads me to the fabled syrup mecca... I was somewhat wrong. The reactions ranged from indifference to worry. Here, in no particular order, is what transpired:

sketchball76 : Mucilage
JZZ is away at 10:24:41 AM.
JZZ returned at 11:09:35 AM.
JZZ : ?
sketchball76 : Need to know where to get some
JZZ : wtf is mucilage?
sketchball76 : Some call it glue
JZZ : http://www.currys.com/adhesives/prodinfo1.asp?SubcatID=3013&catID=23
sketchball76 : Some call it delicious syrup
JZZ : you can get some from there...
sketchball76 : I need some from a store, I don't have time for shipping
JZZ : try staples?
sketchball76 : Hrm
sketchball76 : I'd try paperclips if I thought they looked like delicious syrup!
JZZ : ok
sketchball76 : But I need mucilage
JZZ : well, i got some shit to do... hope you find what you're looking for.

JZZ was clearly a no-go for the info I needed. You'll see, in time, that this was a prevalent theme for the day...

sketchball76 : Where can I get what I seek?
Scci : what do you seek?
sketchball76 : Mucilage - don't play dumb with me!
Scci : glue?
Scci : i suppose you can find it at elmer's online or something
sketchball76 : Delicious syrup
sketchball76 : And
sketchball76 : If I could get on the internet, do you think I'd be asking you?
Scci : delicious syrup?
Scci : that is not what it is
sketchball76 : To YOU, maybe
sketchball76 : Now
sketchball76 : In regards to the delicious syrup...
sketchball76 : name a store.
Scci : http://www.currys.com/adhesives/prodinfo1.asp?SubcatID=3013&catID=23
Scci: it's glue
Scci : you are freaking me out with this
sketchball76 : It's my destiny
sketchball76 : What is "online?"
sketchball76 : I need to drive to a store and give money to someone. They give me syrup.
sketchball76 : Tell meeeeeeee
Scci : i'm sur eyou can find it at some kindof art store
sketchball76 : Your mouth says yes, but your space bar says no
Scci : hahahah
Scci : shut it
Scci : my mom has joined the AIM community, it pleases me greatly
sketchball76 : Nice!
sketchball76 : Ask her about mucilage.
Scci : forget it!


sketchball76 : Mucilage.
sketchball76 : Where.
DDonna : ?
sketchball76 : Tell me where it can be procured.
DDonna : what is it?
sketchball76 : Glue that resembles delicious syrup.
DDonna : gross
sketchball76 : No, delicious.


sketchball76 : MUCILAGE
sketchball76 : WHERE
sketchball76 : Now.
jacobdot : wtf
sketchball76 : Delicious syrup.
sketchball76 : Ignoring me won't make me go away.
jacobdot signed off at 10:00:41 AM.


sketchball76 : Mucilage
sketchball76 : Tell
sketchball76 : me
sketchball76 : where
sketchball76 : to
sketchball76 : get
sketchball76 : it
Squeezed T : go to hell
sketchball76 : Not the answer I'm looking for, paco loco
Squeezed T : word.


Unconscious : There's a great Jeep commercial. Jeep gets blown of a volcano, lands on all 4 tires and drives off. the subtitle is "Dropping vehicles is only safe in commercials." that part cracks me up, have you seen it?
sketchball76 : No, I don't watch TV. Have you seen mucilage?
Unconscious : mucilage? no
Unconscious : some type of sticky substance could be a glue
sketchball76 : Could be that, could be delicious syrup...


sketchball76 : Mucilage
sketchball76 : Give me.
anonymous19 : LOL
anonymous19 : so did you go trick or treating?
sketchball76 : Flawless segue into that!
anonymous19 : so what is this stuff you want?
sketchball76 : Mucilage.
anonymous19 : yes.
sketchball76 : Where??
anonymous19 : Mucilage?
anonymous19 : what is it?
sketchball76 : Delicious syrup.
anonymous19 : Whoa shit ******* is getting pissed on the phone over there!
sketchball76 : She should be getting mucilage.

It's completely evident that my colleagues had not even the slightest inkling how important this was. I had to start searching somewhere else... but where? Time will tell, time will tell.


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