dankpelt said what

Reading this means you're at least smart enough to go down to Kentucky, show them fire, and be their god.


It's All About teh teh teh teh teh -OR- God, I Suck At Writing When I'm Drunk

Hello again, audience of seven. I am here to report that I have finished off a bar night, and am therefore under the evil, dirty influence of the unholy spirit. I'm talking about the booze. The beer. The Killian's on draft. The stuff that's guaranteed to make me not like being awake and perhaps have oddly- colored bowel movements tomorrow. Yeah, that's certainly a first for me here, I think... I just broke the "candid beer effect barrier with your friend beer shits talk barrier" with you all. Barrier. I apologize if this post is at all disjointed. More than usual. I don't poop.

Also guaranteed to make you say "Call me" more than a few times


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